ERPVault ®

AI-enabled Smart Retail

What we do

Employing state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, we disrupt smart retail. Specifically, we:

– predict what to buy
– discover the best price (sell side)
– provide omni channel sales lead generation
– solve warehouse management routines
– manage sales ledger
– grow your partner network

All this is done in the cloud under SaaS delivery model with zero telecommunications, hardware and IT-infrastructure support costs for the customer.

Why us?

Modern artificial intelligence and machine learning methods open a new way how to do retail business, both online and offline. Your retail business is re-formulated and solved as a non linear optimization problem based on human behavior, pricing and items in stock availability data collected during 10 years of expertize in enterprise resource planning and business intelligence.

We predict the optimal price using best price discovery algorithms developed for efficient financial markets, but adapted to the nature of your retail business concerning liquidity and product specific constraints. During price discovery we take into account the competitors’ market price, minimum markup requirements, geo-localized stock, items availability and forecasted changes in demand. Our current models are based on terabytes of pricing, stock and sales data in multiple market segments from >85 regions.

Performance and Efficiency

For managing content delivery and omni-channel lead generation our proprietary content distribution technology handles up to 10000 requests per second per 1U datacenter space.
We are experts in high load concurrent requests processing and high performance heterogeneous computing. We handle requests from traditional online and offline marketing and sales channels, deliver the contents with product identification, description, price and availability on your own sales channels, and for your partner network using our award winning web widgets technology.

Our prediction models are run with the state-of-the-art deep learning and numerical optimization algorithms on NVIDIA® Kepler™, the world's fastest and most mature high performance computing (HPC) architecture for scientific computing, and on revolutionary NVIDIA® Pascal™ architecture.

Service Principles

– Everything you need. Nothing you don't. Less code, more implemented critical business logic.
– State-of-the-art. Pay-as-you go. No upfront project-style payments before you get nothing.
– Deep vertical industry expertise.
– Fast prototyping and instant market feedback for new features and business models.
– Change management inspired systematic development for core engine.
– 99.99% SLA. Disaster recovery infrastructure. Long term contracts.
– Support is done only by the core development team. No compromise.


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